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Here are just a few of our preferred product lines.  We are always adding new products to our catalog, so please inquire about most recent additions.
In an effort to provide the best solutions for your specific project, Automated Ideas and Solutions team members routinely attend classes and seminars offered by our many manufacturers and vendors. 
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Lutron products are world renowned for their quality.  Automated Ideas and Solutions has worked with Lutron for many years, and are proud to have attained the status of 'Diamond Dealer'.  We work closely with Lutron's own dedicated team of engineers and other staff to specify, implement, and troubleshoot.


Ketra Lighting has been bringing advanced lighting options to the residential and commercial markets for over 10 years.  Recently, Lutron Electronics acquired Ketra Lighting, enabling tight integration between the two ecosystems.  Because seeing is believing, Automated Ideas invites you to see Ketra in person at our new Southampton experience center.  For a quick overview of the technical advantages of Ketra Lighting, this short video is a great place to start.


Savant Systems, a relative newcomer to the luxury home automation marketplace, has quickly established themselves as a leader.  Paying careful attention to the Aesthetics of their products and user interfaces, Savant Systems' products are a perfect fit for upscale homes.

With a wide range of compatible devices such as HVAC, lighting control, audio, video, security, and more, Control 4 offers simple but capable home automation. Offering remote access for both homeowners and installers, the Control 4 platform allows the flexibility to control your home from the comfort of your mobile device.


The Meljac line of products is unique in the industry.  Combining traditional, tactile switches and pushbuttons and hand crafted metal finishes while interfacing with the most modern home control systems.  


A leader in the outdoor lighting and audio system arena, the team Coastal Source is truly passionate about their products.  Their durable finishes withstand our often harsh oceanfront weather, and their performance is second to none.


For many years, the Sonance product line has continued to innovate in the residential speaker arena.  From powerful outdoor systems to aesthetically conscious indoor system, Sonance has solutions to fit any scale, budget, and performance requirement.  


A relative newcomer to the market, Wall-Smart has created an extensive line of flush-mounting installation platforms for most in-wall devices found in residential and commercial environments.  From touchscreens and lighting system keypads, to thermostats and audio controls, Wall-Smart is continually adding to their catalog, allowing architects and designers more freedom to incorporate technology into their designs while maintaining a clean, streamlined aesthetic.


Many wireless networking products on the market today are referred to as 'Enterprise Grade' as a way to differentiate it from lower quality hardware.  This is only a marketing term however.  Visit a large enterprise, corporate, education, or public venue though, and you're likely to find Ruckus hardware powering their wireless systems.  It's that good.


Automated Ideas and Solutions adds manufacturers and product lines all the time.  Some of our favorites are shown above.  While it's not possible for us to carry every product currently on the market, we have solutions to fit most needs and applications.  

If you're wondering why we chose product A over product B, ask us!  Sometimes it's a technical thing, sometimes it's a customer service thing, but it's always a 'right tool for the job' thing.  We will always suggest products that we believe are the best fit for the job at hand, and while we are mindful of cost, that alone is not what drives our product choices.

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