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Out-of-field mockups

In the residential construction market, it's fairly common to engineer solutions in the field. It's what makes good field technicians good. Sometimes though, it's important to look at more than just the immediate solution. Aspects such as assembly or programming time, material costs, and technical requirements demand that this engineering happen behind the scenes rather than in the field.

A current large scale project incorporates products from the Meljac line, which need to interface with a Lutron back end, along with integrated dimmable LED backlighting. With too many wires and components to fit in a standard wall box, a solution was devised to modify the standard wall box.

A fully complete mockup unit was built, and from that, a materials list, assembly procedure, and wiring diagrams were created. Additionally, specialized tooling was created to assist in disassembly of the finished product for when future maintenance needs to happen.

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