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Automated Ideas and Solutions works closely with architects, designers, and homeowners to design lighting systems and controls that are tailored to each individual project.  Drawing from such an extensive line of products, the options are nearly limitless.  

Harnessing the power of manufacturers such as Lutron, Ketra (now part of Lutron Electronics), USAI, and Element, and many others, we are able to engineer smart, energy efficient lighting systems.  So powerful are modern lighting fixtures and control systems that you might find yourself reconsidering the importance of these aspects of your next project.

With the advent of RGB LED (e.g. color changing lights), you can now change the 'feel' of interior spaces with subtle changes in color.  It's not just 'turn the red lights on'.  Very minor adjustments to color output allows ultra-fine control over how artwork, furnishings, and other objects appear within the space.  It's of course very difficult to describe this effect, so we encourage you to visit our new experience center to see it in person. 

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