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  • How do I make my WiFi faster?
    When operating properly, most residential WiFi systems are fast enough for most purposes (e.g., streaming 4K Netflix, online gaming, etc..). If websites are slow to load or streaming services show the dreaded 'buffering' message, rebooting things is a great first step. Note: if you're seeing slow internet speeds when running an internet speed test, but have no other symptoms, there's a good chance that there's no need to do anything. The speed test numbers are just numbers.
  • I need better WiFi. Can you do that?
    Yes, but great WiFi still isn’t perfect. The process goes something like this. First, we review the hardware you already have, checking what they are and where they are located. Then we scan the areas where you want WiFi coverage. Next, our engineers design a complete system, taking into account the various properties of the location, including what building materials are in the walls and floors, how many users are expected to connect, and where it’s practical to get the appropriate wires.The system is then
  • Do I have any other options for internet service?
    You can edit the title from the FAQ 'Settings' tab in the Editor. To remove the title froYes! But you might not want to use any of them. Starlink satellite internet is available. You’ll need a dish on your roof, and the service isn’t as fast as Optimum (yet). Verizon Business Ethernet is available is select areas. This is different than Verizon FIOS and much more expensive. Availability varies by location. Optimum Fiber is becoming available in more areas every day and can be considered the same as a regular (i.e., copper) Optimum internet service.m your mobile app go to the 'Site & App' tab in your Owner's app and customize.
  • My WiFi is out. Who do I call?
    If your TV and/or telephone service is provided by the same company as your internet, check to see if those are working. If not, call that provider (Optimum’s number is 631-727-6300). If TV and phone services are working normally, call us at 631-283-7444 (or email and we’ll help diagnose the issue further.
  • Who should I use for internet service?
    Eastern Long Island’s primary internet service provider (a.k.a. “ISP”) is Optimum Altice. Their service is available on any residential street. Optimum can also provide television and telephone service using the same wires as the internet. This is the most convenient and the most common internet service available.
  • Can you just make it simple?
    No. Simple isn’t a thing in 2023. We can make it look simple, but behind the scenes, there’s still a whole lot going on. The best we can do is take some of the brains away from the devices. For example, those pesky all-in-one remote controls are great when they work, but incredibly frustrating when they don’t. The solution? Take that complicated remote control away, and just use the TV remote, soundbar remote, streaming media device remote, and cable box remote. Voila! No more malfunctioning universal remote control! You’re the brains of the operation now, but make sure you take notes on which buttons to push and when.
  • Can you fix my [insert electronic device here]
    Probably, but we’ll need to go through our onboarding process before we make any promises. The problem might be simple or complicated, and it might require tools, knowledge, or software that we don’t have.
  • Can you make it reliable?
    Maybe. NASA has a lot of engineers, money, and other resources, yet sometimes rockets still explode. Because so much of the technology in our homes is based on an app or 3rd party service (looking at you Spotify, Pandora, Netflix, and others), there’s a good chance that when something stops working, it might not be a hardware problem. Changed your Netflix password? That might make the TV ask you to reenter it; it’s effectively ‘broken’ until you do that. The TV might not actually be broken, but it sure does feel that way. Batteries dead in the remote control? TV doesn’t work (i.e., broken). The TV is showing a software update message that you can’t make go away? Broken. Sonos App won’t connect after an update? Broken. To promise that any complex system is perfectly reliable would be a lie, so we don't do that. We do promise to come over and help out when a problem does creep up though.
  • The last company doesn't have time. Can you take over?
    The first step is a preliminary visit to discuss what you're looking for, what kind of equipment is installed, and to make sure that we can provide the level of service you're expecting. We'll discuss rates and fees, how to get service, what we can and can't do, and other important topics. ​ The cost for onboarding is dependent upon the size and scope of the property and/or project, so we'll send you an estimate for that next. ​ Once approved, we'll send you a questionnaire to fill out with basic information like contact people and who to call to gain access for service. It will also include more technical information such as passwords and the names of various trades that are associated with the property. Armed with that information, we'll schedule our technicians to perform a thorough review of the various systems, document it with notes and pictures, validate passwords and other login information. If we find anything amiss during this review, we'll bring it to your attention.
  • I found this [xzy thing] on Amazon for much less money. Why are your prices so much higher?
    We choose quality products made by reputable manufacturers, then spend considerable time and money training our staff on their proper configuration, use, and diagnostics. The products we offer are backed by both the Automated Ideas team and the product’s manufacturer, and there is no ‘finger-pointing’ with regard to who is responsible for a repair part either in warranty, or out.
  • How do I get help when I need it? Can I have your cellphone number?
    While we all use our cellphones extensively, we don’t want your call to go unanswered if the person you’re calling is busy, on vacation, in the shower, or otherwise unavailable. Our support department employs a rotating schedule to make sure calls get answered in a timely manner, and contacting the support team by emailing, or calling our main line at 631-283-7444 is your best bet.
  • Do you have service plans?
    We do not currently have service plans but would love to hear your ideas of how that would work. What should be included? What do you feel would be a fair price?
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